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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Natural Acne Solutions

Nactural Acne Solutions can be great for those who have very sensative skin. Although most acne suffers will tell you that sensative skin comes with acne, some people cannot tolerate the chemicals in traditional medications designed to kill acne breakouts.

Eat Less Fatty Foods For Better Skin

Many people end up with severe acne problems because of the food they eat. Many foods cooked in oil and grease can lead to bad skin problems. Your pores get clogged and this causes a back up of skin oil thus causing breakouts. Stay away from fried foods when possible and drink more water to help cleanse your body.
More green leafy foods can help your body detoxify and lead to a better skin condition. Remember liquids especially water will help you have a better complexion.

Other Semi-Natural Acne Solutions

Tooth paste for acne? I know quite a few people who swear that the paste helps draw out the infection and clear the clogged pores causing the problem. It also drys out the area so some moisture creams will be needed.

Do not pinch or squeeze acne pimples or zits as this can cause skin damage and scarring. Some like the healing power of vitamin e to improve the skin and and help remove the problem.

Non Prescription Acne Medications

These are not natural acne products but have been approved for use by the general public and have a history of actually working to get rid of acne and breakouts.

Bad acne solutions

Clinique for acne problems

Proactive acne solution